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My painting career started when a good friend convinced me to join her for a community art class.  Although that got off to a shaky start,  it did catch my interest and I tried several other classes, I found a wonderful oil painting class and coach with Stefan Baumann. After painting in the studio for many years, I finally took my easel outside where I discovered my passion for Plein Air painting. I love exploring the beautiful California landscapes that surround me. The golden hills, rolling vineyards, Sierra mountains, and the waves crashing onto the endless stretches of beaches. With my color palette and brush strokes I try to capture the feelings of these places and want you the viewer, to feel like could be right there in my painting. 
I have been coached by some wonderfully talented artists over the years such as Kristen Olson, Randall Sexton , John Crosby, and Father Bruno, and owe them thanks for their encouragement. 

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