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I was raised in western Colorado near Telluride, where I loved the outdoors, riding horses, and enjoying the myriad of landscapes that exist in that part of the country.  I have always had faith in God as I saw His amazing creation around me I always felt secure in knowing I was created to create. My paternal grandmother, Elizabeth, spent her adult life enjoying black and white photography and painting. Subconsciously, I was learning from her the love of creating an image to portray a set of emotions and feelings. It has been quite interesting to return home and paint the same scenes she had painted during her life. I know how proud she would be that I followed her example and developed solid skill sets. As I grew into a young woman, I realized that I needed a formal education to better understand my love of the art world, so I began my journey.

University of Northern Colorado
Studies of Fine Art and Education
Greeley, CO

Western State College 
BA in Fine Art and Art Education
Minor in German Language and print making
Gunnison, CO

After receiving my education and credentials, I worked very hard on my skill sets, and formulating the Lizbeth Kyle Gallery  in Los Olivos, not long after moving to California. My stable of Artists were many of the Cowboy Artists of America, J. N. Swanson, Jason Scull, Mell Lawson, Nick Firfires, Joe Beeler, as well as Cammie Lundeen, Shoofly, Susan Kliewer, Joelle Smith, Betty Billups, Leslie Harrison, Pat Roberts, Dean Packer and a few more fabulous artist.  I learned and gleaned from their work.   It is a long stretch from the overpowering mountains and rocky canyons of Colorado to the seascapes and upthrown geologic province of the coastal mountain range in the vicinity of Santa Barbara, CA.  As I learned how to run the gallery [...]

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