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Living in Southern California, I see “potential” paintings everywhere. Easily spotted are the beautiful coastal vistas. However, I'm also drawn to the more intimate everyday subjects. These are scenes that are passed on a daily basis, but on certain occasions the light or mood is compelling. These are the moments I hope to capture on canvas. I love the constant challenges of painting on location as it forces me to pare down grand vistas or detailed scenes to the bare essentials. It is a delicate balance to provide just enough so that the painting is understood by the viewer, while leaving suggested features to the imagination. I strive to be efficient with brushstrokes yet still capture my feelings about the location.We’ve all heard “Variety's the spice of life.”    Variety also adds spice to a painting: light played against shadow, hard crisp edges versus soft lost ones, and warm yellows and reds alongside cool blues and greens.  These contrasts can really make a painting sing.
Select Exhibits:
 Oil Painters of America National Exhibit
Mission Federal ArtWalk Featured Artist
Oil Painters of America Western Regional Exhibit
Oil Painters of America National Exhibit
LPAPA Art and Nature
LPAPA Town and Country
CAC California Heritage
Paint the Parks Top 100
Paint the Parks Mini50
Oil Painters of America
 American Impressionist Society
California Art Club
American Society of Marine Artists

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