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Artist, Lissa Feagler's primary goal is to create an engaging visual experience for her viewers.  Trained in both graphic design and interior design, visual impact is something she is no stranger to.
As a child, Lissa's main interest was art.  Her parents enrolled her into art classes at a young age where she was introduced to new mediums.  Among her favorites were oil, watercolor, and pen and ink.  Many middle school/high school awards later, she took the plunge to learn a new medium...the computer.  Computer graphic design was a growing industry and seemed to provide a way to make a living while still satisfying her creative mind.
Lissa left her home town of Omaha, Nebraska and headed to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where she studied fine art with a focus in graphic design.  After graduation, Lissa moved to Denver, Colorado to begin her career as a graphic designer.  While busy with work, she still found time to paint and created a side business rendering homes.  Lissa was honored to have two shows featuring large scale abstract oil paintings.  Soon thereafter, she discovered the Arts League of Denver and once again concentrated on representational painting.
In 2006, Lissa moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where she applied design principals and concepts to the field of interior design.  After graduating with an associates degree in interior deism from Scottsdale Community College, Lissa started her own business in 2008 and continues to practice residential interior design.
Lissa was introduced to the Scottsdale Artists' School in 2006, where she continues to study under well-known artists, honing her skills, creating her own penmanship as an oil painter.  Her body of work, stylistically falls under the influence of Russian Impressionism, using heavy brush strokes and beautiful combinations of colors, as well as, thick paint.  She is inspired by the beauty of nature [...]

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