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Lissa Buzzelli is a self-taught digital and mix-media artist. After working for more than 31 years in Information Technology, unforeseen medical events in the form of back and brain tumor surgery left her with chronic pain, double-vision and the challenge of redefining herself and her work. Using the digital medium available at her fingertips, Lissa began her artistic journey through cell phone photography of everything from food to nature, and, of course, her beloved dog, Clee-Clee.  The positive response from friends and family prompted her to dig deep and connect with her first and earliest love: drawing. 

Lissa’s digital and mixed media art explores the many themes of trauma, isolation, alienation, death, beauty, love, hope, and miracles.  Influenced by her early interest in cartoon and graphic arts, her drawings vibrate with color and texture.  Bold and well-defined figures inhabit and reflect shadowy, blurred and ill-defined interior and exterior spaces. Nothing is always as it seems as figures are slightly off-center or askew as if the artist is asking us to check our own vision of reality.

Lissa uses her art and the proceeds of her artistic work to connect with and help in the recovery and healing of other survivors of chronic pain and injury.  She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her spouse Martha. 

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