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Like many artists Lisa Staggs was drawn to creative pursuits at a young age. Growing up the daughter of an architect in New York City provided the opportunity to develop a love and appreciation for all things artistic.  Early interests involved pottery but following a sojourn into the world of health care she returned to her early creative roots and began painting.  
"I am completely absorbed in the process - time just falls away while I have a paintbrush in hand.  At the same time there is a challenging body of knowledge to master.  There are skills one must develop and learn to apply.  Art is a completely engrossing activity."

Lisa lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and eleven year old daughter.  They also have a family farm near Dunlap, Tennessee.  She prefers to paint landscapes en plein air although larger works may be completed in the studio using field studies.  Lisa is a member of The Chestnut Group.  


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