Artist Lisa Soderlund

An example of fine art by Lisa Soderlund

Photo of Lisa Soderlund


Lisa Soderlund has loved creating art since childhood.  She was lucky to have a great art teacher in high school who gave her a solid foundation in the visual arts.  Lisa was one of 24 students chosen to attend the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs during the summer before her senior year in high school.  Immediately after graduating high school, Lisa spent a year in Austria as an exchange student, where she fell in love with Vienna and the art of Gustav Klimt. After attending college for a year, Lisa returned to Montana where she grew up.  She worked as a bookkeeper, office manager and mother for fifteen years, but always dreamed of pursuing a fine art career.

In 2009 Lisa was able to follow her dream when she moved to Texas.  Lisa currently lives and works in Dallas with her best friend who is also her husband. She is a proud mother and stepmother of six wonderful people. 


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