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Artist Statement:
 I have always been drawn to the changing play of light and atmosphere in the landscape. But my obsession with landscape goes deeper. The landscapes I paint tell me a story. They talk to me or move me emotionally in some way. I am certainly influenced by my upstate NY landscape. A sense of the vanishing past, a derelict building or swale roofed barn can make me obsess over a scene that is not pretty at all. I don’t actually want to paint pretty pictures. I want to somehow translate onto paper, the array of emotions that overcome me when I feel compelled to paint a scene. Stylistically, I am a work in progress but I strive for a painterly looseness. I would rather leave an impression than paint every leaf or blade of grass. I strive to edit and distill a scene down to shapes and value patterns that please me and produce a sense of light and atmosphere.

Artist Bio:
Lisa Sebelle is a  self taught landscape painter. Learning her craft is an ongoing and enriching process.  She has been developing her  skills since she laid down her stethoscope and picked up a paint brush in 2016.  Although she comes late in life to painting, the seeds of creativity and love of the landscape have always been a part of her.  She painted in her mind long before she ever found the courage to wield a brush.  As a child,  growing up on Lake Hopatcong, NJ, she would sit on her lakeside dock and watch the play of light on the water and the golden quality of mist in the air and she felt a fierce longing to somehow capture her  emotional response to the beauty around her.  The impulse to create was strong. As a child she was [...]

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