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Lisa Seago was born in McComb, Mississippi and received a BA in Interior Design from Mississippi College.  For many years, running a successful interior design and European antique business near New Orleans, Louisiana was her venue for creative expression.  The work was rewarding but she always knew that something important was missing. After relocating to Atlanta, Georgia she made the decision in 2006 to make creating art her full-time endeavor.  Objects old and new, people, the land, the play of light and shadow compel Lisa to paint. She states," Simplicity and mystery appeal to me and influence both my compositions and color palette."  Her genres are varied - landscape, still life, figurative and commissioned portraiture.  Although primarily a representational artist, her interpretations of subject, mood, light and color range from realism to impressionist. The award-winning artist, collected nationally and internationally, states that striving to capture her perception of a subject's essence with paint and canvas pushes her artistic growth.  Lisa now resides with her husband, Mark Henley, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 
"I hope the gratitude I feel for having the opportunity to do work that is challenging and fulfilling comes through in my work.  To my collectors and all of you who have encouraged and supported my efforts.... thank you!"
                                                                                                      Lisa Seago

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