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" Beauty in art is truth bathed in an impression received from nature".  Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot Lisa Reid Painting
    Focused on looking at subject matter from a metaphorical standpoint, Lisa Reid’s paintings have secondary levels of interest.  Primarily now in oil, but working concurrently in watercolor, they are conceived not only as  an artistic expression but speak to a personal exploration of emotions that she sees reflected in the landscape or any subject matter she is studying. Her viewpoint also has a spiritual element coming from the background of a clergy family growing up in the Hawaiian Islands.  She studied painting and drawing at Ohio State University and  followed up a BFA in Fine Art with workshops with preeminent teachers such as Katherine Chang Liu, Peggy Kroll Roberts,Quang Ho and recently Gail Chase Bien in Napa. Gail has deepened her work and given her a new level of richness.  This past January  2020 she took a workshop with Dennis Sheehan in Fredericksburg, Texas and as a result has changed some of the way she starts a painting using a more intuitive approach.  See the " Nocturnes" series.  Also at her core there is influence by historic artists such as Monet, Sargent & the California Impressionists.  She often paints “en plein air”  to capture a freshness of light and impression, but also works in the studio more now where her spiritual concepts can surface more readily.  Poetry is also been added when there is a call and inspiration by a painting.  This inner stirring has taken her to new abstraction, though her baseline is representational.  There is a sense of joy in her work and a feeling of "place" from the many venues she has lives yet her heart sings in the beauty of wine country.  Where ever she is [...]

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