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"To become truly accomplished, for most of us, takes many years of dedication, focus and a joy in the journey. This is the path I live."


Like many creative types I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember. I was the one in grade school drawing while the teacher was talking. In my twenties I became interested in airbrush. Remember that dinosour? I lived in Dallas at the time and met a group of freelance artists that mentored me into the business of advertising art. It was a really exciting time for me. I learned so much about art and design, what makes art good, how incredibly accomplished one has to be to create art that has impact and polish, and how lucky I was to be where I was. Students would come to our studio to show their books and my heart would go out to them. You could see right away that they had been comparing their work to other students.  I got to see, first hand, the calibur of art that got the job. I was right in the middle of it. And I loved it. The farther I got along in it and the more that I learned, I wondered, many times, how I got it in my head that I might be able to hang in this big league of artists. It surely wasn't easy. The more I learned the more I realized how much I still had to learn. I definitely made mistakes. It helped me to understand that the ignoranace of a beginner is truly a blessing. If I'd really understood what I was attempting to do, I would never have had the nerve to do it.
Dallas is a place where artists meet and support one another. I got to be in the Dallas Society of Illustrators and so enjoyed meeting all ofthe amazing talent in that city. Dallas artist Dave Kramer was my first [...]

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