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I am a psychologist and worked for 31 years in that capacity.  I am also retired from working as a psychologist for federal law enforcement for 20 years.  I served as the Chief Psychologist of a medium-security, male, federal prison located in Cumberland, MD.   Despite the fact that I worked in a prison, I always wore jewelry to work.  Sounds crazy.  I love jewelry.  I dreamed of making it but this was "impossible".
Ten years ago I signed up for a two-day, "jewelry" workshop and discovered that it was on "creating metal jewelry" . I was hoping to string gemstones.  I was disappointed but went anyway.  It would be boring but perhaps a diversion from living in chronic pain due to 47 years of Type 1 Diabetes + bad luck. 
Within one year I was hooked on working with base metals and saw the potential of creating items of beauty out of raw materials that are not beautiful  A plain precious gemstone is already beautiful.  A sheet of dirty copper is not.  The bronze lends itself perfectly to the use of flowing lines and I enjoy forging random parts of bronze rods, playing with them and then looking at what could be part of the final outcome of a piece.  Or I might throw it out.  I like the illusion of movement and attempt to capture it in everything.  Movement is beautiful and nothing in life is static.  I have moved on to work with Argentium sterling silver and gold-filled metal. 
Since the onset of studying metalsmithing, I have been fortunate to train at some highly regarded facilities.  My specialized training includes:
-"Welding for Sculpture" - 3-day intensive at The Crucible, Oakland, CA
-"Silversmithing" - a 3-day intensive workshop at Touchstone, Farmington, PA
-"Blacksmithing [...]

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