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 "I like to think of the frame around one of my paintings as a portal to a parallel universe.  Through that portal, on the other side of the wall, intangible things like feelings, moods, and experiences take visible form.  They materialize into space, shape, atmosphere and color.
People occupy that universe, that inner psychological world and remind us of its connection to our physical one.  Meeting us at the portal, they interact, each in his or her particular way, with the space, with its boundaries, and with you.  They want to communicate, to share something with you about what it means to be human."ABOUT LISA
Born in California and raised on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Lisa Kovvuri received her BFA degree in printmaking in 1991 from the Cleveland Institute of Art.  She began to seriously pursue painting after moving to Sacramento, California in 1999 where she joined a figure painting group and began exhibiting her work in juried exhibitions and galleries in the area.  In 2005 she and her family lived abroad for a year in India.  After returning to the United States she settled in southeastern New Hampshire where she now lives with her husband and two sons. 
Known for her portrait and figurative works, Kovvuri's paintings are characterized by a direct painting approach that is carried through to a refined finish with sensitively considered detail.  Skilled draftsmanship and a keen eye for subtlety have earned her a reputation for paintings imbued with a natural realism, reaching beneath the surface of appearances to expose the subtle poetry of an honest, unguarded human presence in her subjects.A brief but formative intensive painting course at Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia, PA began Kovvuri's professional training in painting.  She went on to study the methods of the Boston School, first in still life workshops with Sam Vokey, then spent four [...]

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