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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $30.00 - $3,600.00
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It is difficult to express what compels me to create, and just as difficult to anticipate from where inspiration will come. I effort to live in the moment, and those moments find me drawing from nature, dreams and memories to create impressions which often contain symbols or landscapes skewed to my mood or perception of the experience at hand. I find plein air work or drawing from life the most pleasurable of my pursuits, as working in this manner offers me the opportunity to directly respond to my observations. For studio work, I lean heavily upon my imagination or sketches to inform my compositions. 
My home state of Missouri is a topographically rich place to explore, and defies explanation by any one medium. Rivers slicing through granite, forests unfolding deep mysteries, swampland doing its best to conceal the diverse life it contains - all are gems that have waited patiently while I drew them with pencil or pastel, and painted them with oil or watercolor. The darker values found in my work betray my need to work in the shadows to combat a sun allergy - this is also why I tend to work quickly on especially bright days.
My internal topography is just as rich, having been etched by experiences as strange and wonderful as everyone's. When working from imagination, my strokes are automatic, my mindset meditative. Sometimes I will explore universal themes in an abstract manner; other times, I develop an imagined landscape that feels like those I have visited in a dream.
Thank you for visiting my version of the world. Enjoy this moment . . . there won't be another one like it.


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