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Profound clarity. Incisive execution. A requiem of the balance between impetus and result, impulse and outcome, thought and action.The work of Lisa A. Furton exists in a temporal space predated perhaps only by the micro-organic components of which it is created. It is also the idea of painting as a verb, rather than the noun. Like Pollack, she invokes a rather real sense of motion, but with greater form and intent, culling from this a tense inertia that does not rely on form as a placating medium, but rather a stimulus to greater undoing.In this respect, she allows colors to be themselves, but not in an academic manner. They may transverse between the corporeal, often times unconventional tableaux of their origins to their stations as representatives of a heightened awareness. Whereupon they, in their seemingly infinite divisions, might choose to further reflect their intentions. Like percussive elements in a rainstorm, they pull contrast from nature's latent energies, ever ready to effluviate into their next form on a different plane.Incorporating experimentation, exploration and a shamanistic-like energy, she has  developed her unique craft in this body of work for over 10 years.  Although she has taken fine art and design classes, she considers herself to be an "outsider artist" and primarily self-taught.Her first professional showing was presented by A Circle of Voices, a women's group in Lafayette, CA.  It was an auction to benefit Contra Costa County's Battered Women's Alternative. Her work was also presented in a downtown Phoenix, AZ gallery - The Artery - in June and again in July 2001 as part of the First Fridays art walk while living in Arizona. Her fourth show was a collaboration with artist Brett Arnold at the Ground Up Cafe and Club located in Petaluma California in June of 2002. After some years of [...]

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