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Whether painting in the studio or en plein air, I love becoming lost in that creative expanse where the outside world disappears and there is nothing but the conversation between me and the canvas on my easel. I'm an oil painter using both brush and palette knife to render the interpretations of what I see.
I am primarily a landscape oil painter who strives to portray the inspired emotion of a scene so that those who view my paintings are drawn into them in a similar way. I love seeing how light dances across the leaves of a tree or ripples in a river as the setting sun warms everything it touches on its way to the horizon. The process of playing with colors on canvas to capture the richness of what I observe stirs something deep in my soul. 
I hope my paintings invite you to grasp the magnificence of the natural world all around us—the serenity of a mountain lake, the wonder of a rock cliff cloaked in fall colors cascading down its face, or the bounty of wildflowers in a high alpine meadow.
My desire is to capture the essence of a place so that as you view my paintings, you too can smell the fresh air, feel the breeze through the trees, or hear the stream flowing. 

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