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I am a visionary bhakta, a mystic.  A pointer at life's mysteries and miracles.  My greatest lifelong twin passions have been to walk with the Divine and to do my part in healing suffering.  My own life has been mostly wonderful.  I am super-sensitive, so I care deeply about others, including humans.  The human being fascinates me to no end.  So does the experience of being human.  I walk this path with you.

In order to know this world as sacred and to help others notice it, and to function well in this world on the non-mystical level, I have spent much of my life exploring it.  I have always been interested in mind and brain, from all perspectives.  Extraordinary mental states hold the greatest potential for both healing and relating to the Divine.  I have sought them via dancing, sweat lodges, firewalking, enjoying the arts, shamanic experiences, fasting,  skydiving and scubadiving, climbing/hiking in mountains, meditating in sacred caves, and visiting sacred sites as well as places of worship for sundry faiths.  The Divine is everywhere.  It's so wide you can't get around it.

Being pragmatic, logical, analytical, science-loving, and a get-it-done kind of gal, I spent many years using mundane methods of helping others.  One example: taking care of one's health is essential to spiritual evolution and character growth*.  As far as art goes, I have been creating installations since 1989 and sandboxes since 2012, but have felt a calling to do 2D art because it's more portable and storybook-like.  Now I choose to share glimpses of Grace through "visual literature": drawing and painting auspicious images, often with word elements.  The arts have a beneficial way of opening the heart-mind-body-spirit.  The participant (for you are not only a "viewer") can use the elements of any piece to explore your own inner world in [...]

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