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Engaged in some form of art most of her life, Lisa can’t remember a time when she wasn’t creating. The need and ability to create has always been in her.  As a child, she would sit for hours, at the kitchen table with her “Walter Foster, How to draw” books, practicing. A self-taught artist, Lisa engaged in many forms of art. Unable to focus on just one, she referred to herself as a “Jack of all trades, master of none” artist. Then she met the Gourd...
After doing an online search for Gourds and Gourd Art, Lisa was amazed by what she found; incredibly versatile, able to take stains, inks, and paint, grown in many shapes and varieties it can be manipulated while growing. As with most Gourd Artists today and in the past, discovering gourds was an “Ah-ha” moment for Lisa. Here was a natural medium, that hits all her buttons and works with all her varied art skills. Almost immediately, she began teaching herself the many techniques used in making gourd art. Techniques like; pyrography, carving, metal leafing, stone inlay, filigree, staining, painting, weaving and much more. 
In 2015 she made her first serious gourd piece titled, “Night Watch,” which won her a “Peoples Choice Award” in 2016. But it wasn't until joining the local gourd patch, that she really immersed herself into the world of gourd art. Her next serious piece "Tiger Lily" won her a “Best of Show” and a "Judges Choice" award also 2016. Finally finding an art form that truly resonates with her, Lisa has committed herself to all-things-gourds. Volunteering with her club and the California Gourd Society, writing a quarterly article for the American Gourd Society Magazine and now teaching gourd art workshops in 2019. 
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