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"I love the look of loose swathes of wet-on-wet background color juxtaposed with tight, dry brushstrokes that accentuate specific spots of interest."
Lisa Atkinson grew up by the beach in Santa Monica, California, mesmerized by the velvety sand beaches and the glitter of the sun on the sapphire sea.  In First Grade, she won First Place with her Miro reproduction. In high school, she sold a mixed-media collage, and she was hooked on connecting with people through the arts.
She went on to study art at Otis-Parsons, UCLA, Cambridge University, L'Academie Du Port Royal, Paris, and The University of Paris La Sorbonne. After earning her B.A. and M.Arch degrees, Lisa acquired at taste for evocative, expressive landscapes and portraiture. 
Much of her inspiration comes from departed artists: Maynard Dixon, N.C. Wyeth, Childe Hassam, Richard E. Miller, Konstantin Korovin, Lovis Corinth. Impressionism and German Expressionism inform her use of texture and color. 
As Lisa Sees It:

I think of art as food, as in haute cuisine. Maybe it's because I studied haute cuisine while I studied painting in Paris. For me, impasto is like frosting. A wash is like a sauce. The world of art offers a scintillating, titillating smorgasbord.
The visual arts nourish us intellectually while they nurture us emotionally by creating delicious respites and by opening doors to new vistas. In this way, Art is expansive and intimate at the same time. (Pondering that dialectic gives me a tickle. Bonus!)
People are nourished by art. 
 No matter what the style ~ the arrangement of dabs, strokes, and swirls of pigment can lead the eye through treats and transformation. Through a slice-of-life experience, the evocation of a diffused glance, or the depiction of an entire historical event, paintings expose us to something cultural and significant that's shared from the intimate inner sanctum of the artist's eye. Of course, the subject matter and its implications to the [...]

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