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I am just thinking out loud. Some people keep a journal, some jog. I paint. Like you, Im trying to navigate the noise and chaos of life in the twenty first century. My paintings flow out of my observations, questions and doubts about the path were on. These are seasoned by my interest in theology, philosophy and my own life experience. Generally I strive for a free flowing, semi abstract style of painting. I work primarily in acrylics, oil, and pastel (in that order).


Lin was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1951. He comes from an artistic family. His great grandfather Linwood Berry was a maker of figureheads for sailing ships in the late 19th Century. His son, Lin’s grandfather, was the accomplished watercolorist Bert Berry. Lin’s father Ken was a jazz musician (tenor sax) and his uncle Bert Berry Jr. is a nationally recognized master builder of dulcimers and other musical instruments.
Lin’s parents moved several times in his youth and he lived at different times on both the East and West coasts. He left home the day after his high school graduation at age 17 and for a time he was the prototypical 1960’s hippie. He worked at jobs as diverse as in a lumber camp in the Sierra Nevada of California, to on a commercial fishing boat on the Outer Banks of NC and Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. Eventually he gravitated to construction and became a master electrician. Uncle Sam had other plans for his life so he took time off to fulfill his military obligation.
At age 21 he settled in NC and built a house. The “back to the land” movement was popular at that time and Lin and later with his wife Nancy grew most of their own food and “lived off the land.” He also started an electrical construction business.
Two events around that time would change his life. He came to faith in Christ. He also began to paint seriously.
Lin had been painting since he was a teenager, often with his grandfather in the latter’s studio. Now in his twenties Lin began to show his paintings in various venues in NC including the NC Wildlife Federation’s annual show.
Simultaneously, a growing desire to serve the Lord led Lin and Nancy to sell out their business and move to SC. Lin served [...]

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