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Lindy's interest in art emerged as a child when she was influence by her dad, a cartoonist and illustrator. She loved to draw portraits, both people and animals. Later in life her interest broadened to include oil painting, and she discovered the joy of painting en plein. Although she also works in her studio, she sees little comparison to the oneness she has with nature by experiencing  the breathtaking beauty of our natural world directly. "Here in the four corners area we are blessed with beautiful color tapestries of sky, mountains, deserts, and meadows, with their kaleidoscope of hues."
Lindy believes you don't experience this as much when painting from a photo, and so prefers to paint from real life. She also feels that, through painting, you get to capture a moment in time that you may otherwise miss if you briefly glance at a beautiful scene as you are quickly passing by.

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