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Using distinguished brushstrokes, Lindsey’s subjects come to life in bold, expressive, and vibrant paintings. Living in rural Michigan has provided many great interactions with the surrounding wildlife. “Experience with several animals both wild and domestic has had a profound influence in the way I view my subjects. I’m constantly inspired by the beautiful yet brutal, hilarious and heartbreaking ways of nature."
 Lindsey wants to encourage a closer examination of ordinary things by presenting them in an interesting way. Her work tends to flow between realistic aspects and abstraction in the form of bold colors, sharp contrasts, and varied brushwork designed to keep the eye wandering around the canvas.
Most of her paintings are acrylic on canvas, but she also works on old barn wood and other various materials when available. If you look closely at some of her works, you will see feathers, recycled paint from her palette, handmade paper, or bits of miscellaneous materials incorporated for added interest. “I am constantly experimenting, and evolving as an artist. Each painting is a journey!"
"The goal is for the viewers of my work to be energized by the bold colors and textures, while also connecting to the essence of the subjects.” Internationally collected, Lindsey keeps busy working on various projects for clients and shows. Since receiving a BFA degree from Eastern Michigan University, Lindsey has been putting in time everyday to make her business a success. “It’s been amazing actually selling paintings and working on custom commissions for people. Such a great feeling when you can take clients ideas and make them visible, just by pushing paint around on a canvas. So fun.”
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