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Lindsay Welch Daniel - Fine Art Painter
Much of my early childhood in Georgia was spent sitting in a corner watching my mother paint.  I remember playing on a hillside watching her sketch.  Once, out with her on errands, she stopped by her art professor's home, the well-known southern artist at the Univ of Georgia, Professor Lamar Dodd.  I recall him critiquing her paintings - a lot of blabbering to a 6 yr old!  However strange, I grew to love physical senses of her quiet environment just by being there watching, smelling, and listening - it was REAL.  Just as amazing is what grew inside of me.  I still laugh questioning, "Turpentine is a perfume, isn't it?"
My father's alcoholism broke the iridescent bubble early on and tore this family apart.  Mom, with 3 children, made a split-second escape to her hometown of Charlotte, NC.  There a strong community of nurturing grandparents and family friends embraced us.  Imagination, drawing, and humor were my shields during elementary school.  Later on, Dad's gift of a drafting board acknowledged my talent along with support and instruction from a uniquely talented high school art teacher, Dean Barber.  Mom, now June Smith Payne, her studio in the cold garage, clawed to stay in her profession. She eventually taught art at The Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte and also won the 1961 Southeast Regional Piedmont Show's Purchase Award.  However, my stepfather, Eugene Payne - Editorial Cartoonist, portrait artist, and a 1968 Pulitzer Prize winner - was the major force in encouraging me to pursue formal art studies.  I found my wings at Virginia Commonwealth Univ  (3 yrs) in Painting and Printmaking -my world cracked open!  However, stretched funds for 7 children was the root of her mother's painful phone call to return home.  My world CRASHED - it was real.
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