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I have had my hand in painting and art for as far back as I can remember.  I was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged my artistic side and enrolled me in painting workshops throughout my childhood in addition to my school art classes .  About the time I went to college I started to dabble in oil paint and fell in love with it.  Then on my 25th birthday I took a workshop that took place in my hometown where I was introduced to painting en plein air and I was hooked.  I have since taken several workshops that have taken me from Italy to Mexico to the hills of Virginia as well as some a few more right here in NC, there is always more to learn.  
I am from a small town on the coast of North Carolina.  It's a place shaped by the Southwest wind, the tides and hurricanes, a beautiful and very unique corner of the map.  I grew up on the water and have since found myself with a career in the Merchant Marines working on ships and boats going to sea for a living.  Water is a major theme in many of my paintings.  I also grew up playing in the woods and hunting with my family so the woods are another favorite theme of my mine.  
I love to take the boat out and find a quiet place to set up my easel, let the dogs run free and paint.  I love (and sometimes hate) the battle with the elements when painting outside; the race against the changing sunlight, the wind, the sand, the changing tides and then the struggle of getting a wet oil painting home on a boat.  Although I do not do it nearly as much as I should, [...]

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