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I graduated from  Ohio University and also attended Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende majoring in painting, weaving and jewelry design. After graduation I moved to Europe and ended up living there , in various Mediterranean countries but mostly Istanbul, Turkey for 35 years. I was not pursuing my artistic talents at the time but constantly absorbing the sights around me. I have a deep love for the Mediterranean and Aegean regions and the quality of the light. Once I moved back to the U.S. and Florida that fascination with light has been my continual inspiration. I tend to see things in patterns and the way the light changes from plane to plane is what I most try to capture when painting. I am a representational painter and tend to work 'a la prima' as  I try to interpret not only the light patterns but also the beauty in the juxtaposition of colors one to the other. I am fascinated with how the use of color and brush strokes can evoke a mood and tell a story. I also love painting outdoors because of the spontaneity and how the colors are so much more vibrant but will often continue the painting in the studio to refine it or as a template for a larger painting.
After moving back to Florida I began working with the wonderful array of “master” painters living and visiting this area and took advantage of the many talented instructors and workshops that I have been privileged to work with. This has been a continuing source of inspiration  and has really helped me to develop my skills as a painter to improve my technique, how I ‘see’, and how to better interpret in two dimensions the three dimensional world around me. As an artist I feel I am [...]

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