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My creative endeavours are born out of a combination of my education, training and experience, allowing my perspective as an artist to remain traditional, yet contemporary. 
Originally  from London, England, Linda recalls, as a young child, regular visits with her parents to museums and galleries that housed the Great Works of Art, left a lasting impression on her. This, she said, was her first introduction to the World of Visual Art.
An ardent horsewoman, her passion for the amazing equine has always inspired her creative side, whether it be in, drawing, painting or photography. Her paintings, drawings, and photographs can be found in many collections both nationally and internationally. 
A graduate of Dawson institute of photography, Scott-Harris specialized in photographing equestrian horse sports, at Both National and International level horse shows, having many images published in equine related magazines and articles. Her greatest thrill , she recalls, was to be invited by the R.C.M.P. to photograph H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth’s favourite Canadian horses, Golden Jubilee and Flycatcher. These images were then to be given to her. Scott-Harris, was also invited to photograph Their majesty’s  Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and  the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on their visits to Ottawa .
Classical Drawing techniques and Old Masters Methodology would best describe the process she uses to produce paintings that reflect a quiet simplicity. The use of a subdued palette, sets the mood of the painting, allowing the viewer to peacefully observe, participate, and take from it what they may.Scott-Harris’s artistic career, began at an early age, always drawing and colouring, although denied by teachers in high school to take art classes, in leu of Science , she persevered, until one day , when she was 28, she was introduced to her first art teacher, Gerard van dykhoff. He was very supportive, and encouraged her to make paintings [...]

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