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Your work is magnificent! I am really impressed by its beauty and mastery. There is a quality of mystery and peace within them particularly pleasant. And the light! There was not one piece I didn't like, but I really loved the big one on the left wall when you come up the stairs. Well, that's not true. I liked them all and could not choose which one I liked best. I wish you continued success,


I had always dreamed of being an artist: What could be better than creating beautiful images, that bring people joy?
I took as many art classes as I could, in college. But, life got in the way, for a lot of years. In 1987, I started painting again, using watercolors, and to my amazement, was winning awards from the very beginning. Then, a few years later, I decided to try oils and loved them as well! I received a full scholarship to Scottsdale Artists School. Things just snowballed from there… By now, my work has been juried into numerous prestigious shows, I have had solo shows, taught adult classes and I have studied with many distinguished teachers. For more details, see the partial resume below.
I had lived in West Virginia for most of my life. Most of my work that is in public collections, is in West Virginia, including the WV State Museum. Nonetheless, in 2010, I moved to the San Francisco Bay area. Now, as much as I love my home state, I have discovered a beautiful new area! I now live in a loft condo, at the edge of the Bay. My studio is in the loft.
As a child of the mountains, I am totally enchanted by these big skies that just seem to go on forever… This view is a five-minute walk from my home/studio, when there are clouds, of course!

San Francisco skyline, as seen from Richmond, CA

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