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  We see a painting and we are somehow moved.  Moved by what the artist intended, what the artist was feeling or by how we translate that based on our own experiences and emotions.  It can make us feel joyful, bring us beauty, bring us to tears, leave us thinking. And sometimes we want to bring that art into our world. It is a highest form of honor to be able to touch others through our art and share it. It is an even higher honor to create art alongside the wonderful artists we meet along the way.  There is something about the collaborative nature of being together creating that is life affirming.  We have completely different paths and visions, but the singularity of creating together is a dream come true. My friend Pat Angrisiano and Ralph Castrello, my uncle, were key to my journey as an artist.  With nudging and encouragement, with time taken to show and teach, they gave me the confidence to begin painting.  They are both gone from our world but remain in the hearts of those of us who loved them and will remember them always--every time we see a lovely flower painted or hear the sound of a trumpet or see Latino life depicted in paint and canvas.   I paint with watermedia—I love its motion, momentum, gentleness, fierceness, fluidity of shape and flow—to help convey passion, emotion, calm all at once.  I paint the people who touch my heart — perhaps a stranger, perhaps someone I deeply love. I especially love painting the Hispanic women of my Puerto Rican line and their stories. I paint nature and its gentleness, passion, energy, exuberance that stirs us all. Art is a wonderful journey of discovery—for viewer and creator—that never ends. The artists of the past and present offer unending inspiration. I paint to share, move, affect—and [...]

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