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Artist Bio
Linda Saracino reconnected with her visual side nearly 10 years ago, emerging as a painter and mixed-media collage artist. A career writer-editor, she’s been drawn to art since her New York City childhood, encouraged by her parents who took her to the Met, The Cloisters and downtown galleries. Yet early on, a different path called, leading to a BA, MA and PhD studies in literature/writing, linguistics and theater, and jobs in academe, the corporate world, and publishing in New York, Louisville, Nashville and Orlando.
While words were her primary medium, she never lost touch with her artist spirit. Life shifted after a lengthy conversation with an artist friend whose history paralleled hers. (“He was telling me my life!”). That revelatory encounter jolted her: Start making art.
Two days later she enrolled at Maitland Art Center (now A&H), her first course in a focused curriculum she created soon after. Over the next several years she vigorously pursued an art education, enrolling in courses at Crealdé School of Art and A&H taught by esteemed artists such as Berto Ortega, Donne Bitner and Elizabeth St. Hilaire, plus mixed-media workshops with Lynn Whipple. 
Her work ranges from still life in oils to mixed-media collage to simple ink drawings she calls “not-quite-blind contours.” She also works in acrylics and watercolor. Influences include Matisse, Schwitters, Diebenkorn, O’Keefe and Warhol. Her work often plays on literary themes, verbal cues, and words as graphic elements.
One of her popular themes is dresses. She’s best known for her mixed-media dress paintings and collages, which often incorporate vintage ephemera such as book pages, photographs and sheet music. Having been one of 13 artists invited into the prestigious “Dresses: Objects of Art” biennial (Orlando, 2013) was not only an unexpected honor but she says “opened the door” to her then-budding art career, placing her [...]

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