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There's something about essentially taking mud and bringing it to life that can not be explained.  When I make my narrative sculptures I not only want the piece to tell a story, I also want the viewer to be compelled to touch the piece and align the piece with their own lives.


 The clay sculptures Linda Lewis creates deal with common themes between people: love, parenthood, family & the search for fulfillment.  Instead of focusing on the figure she tells the story through the use of facial expressions, the tilt of the head , the shifting of the stance, as well as the texture of the surface & the use of symbols. Titles are added to each piece to support the narrative of each piece: anything from 'The harassed housewife' to 'Daydreaming' to 'Just between us'.  Her inspiration comes not only from her own life but from the stories of those she listens to in her everyday life.
    The pieces are coilbuilt from clay with a combination of surface applications of glazes, slips, terra sigillatta, oxides and overglazes and multi fired to cone 04. Her unique glazing techniques causes crazing (or crackling) on the surface of the glaze.  The overglaze is applied and sprayed off allowing the black colorant settle into the cracks and  crevices giving the piece a raku-fired appearance.
   Like many artists, Linda got a bachelors degree in art and also something more practical i.e. teaching.   For the next 34 years she worked as an educator in the Des Moines Schools until she took a workshop given by a narrative sculptor in Santa Fe, New Mexico that reignited her passion for creating objects.  She now works full time as an artist creating figurative sculptures from clay. Over the last 4 years Linda has exhibited her sculptures at nationally recognized juried art festivals, galleries, exhibitions and most recently at SOFA Chicago.  She has received several awards including best of show, first place in sculpture as well as recognition in national print media.
  Linda can be found working in her studio at Mainframe Studios in Des Moines and occasionally in her home studio where [...]

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