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I paint the edge, the interplay of sky, fields, water. I paint relationships, the give & take of rider, horse, hound. What intrigues me is stillness. It is the intervals between moments, between movement, that captures me. 
I live on a small farm situated along the fringe between rural and suburban. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts from the Swain School of Design. 
Stubbs, Herring, Messionier, Munnings, these horse painters, as well illuminists such as Inness, tonalists like Twatchman, and even earlier plein air painters like Simon Denis, for the way they handled line, color, the paint, influence my work. For the same reasons, I have studied under Rob Liberace and Mark Hanson.
I have been an auctioneer, designer, homemaker, wife, painter. Prepping boards, laying out a palette, are things of habit I do while considering the painting to be done. For me, even when the work is difficult, there is a sense of center being in my studio. The first thing to greet me coming into the studio is the smells of time-honored mediums. When they are not there, I know I have been away from painting too long.
My inclination, however monumental a subject may be, is to work  small.  I prefer the intimate, to consider the quietness and introspection underlying the vastness.
These are qualities that make me want to paint. And this pertains to horses, hounds, riders - the glimpse behind the scene. To me these moments are more intriguing. Often in that instant of time that I have chosen, gesture and attitude can complete as recognizable a “portrait” as a more formal pose.
I believe paintings should embody a feeling of memory, strong enough to draw another person in and let them feel part of the moment. When a painting is done and the result pleases me, it is a good [...]

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