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I interpret the beauty, joy, love, sadness, presence and spirit of things and places, and put it down on canvas with oil paint.  I love what I do.  I came to painting as an adult and have never taken the gift for granted.  My goal is to make up for all those years that I wasn't aware of the joy of making art.  I want the world to slow down long enough to see the beauty I see, to feel the joy I feel, and understand things they didn't think possible.  My paintings are my voice, my gift to my family and friends and the world, and they are my legacy.  Sometimes when I am not painting I begin to feel anxious, that I am wasting the precious time I have been given to paint.  Feeling anxious like that makes me feel silly, and I wonder just who the heck I think I am.  I am an artist, that's who.
BIOGRAPHYI grew up in a small town with no art museum or gallery, and went to school where there was no art education.  I was intensely curious and interested in just about everything.  I read nearly all the books in the local library.  These books allowed my mind to travel far and wide and wonder even more about all the places and things they spoke of.  I learned to love beauty. 
I grew up, got married, had two children, and loved life.  I experienced the world in all its glory and gore.  I was past 40 when a dear friend, Donna Jackson, invited me to join her in taking a watercolor workshop at the Rose Hill Art Center.  I hesitated at first, but the first five minutes of the first class changed my life forever.  I had found my gift.
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