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   My life story is a journey that has not had a straight path to Art. My first career was in Nursing. I guess that is where I first found my love of detail and challenges. My second career was in Computer Software. A natural transition – detail again. In 2011 having retired from the corporate world I finally had time to developing my Art career. This is the place where dreams are realized.
I began drawing when I was a young child but then stopped and would briefly picked it up off and on through the years to adulthood. The cool thing was that I never had to start the learning over and would get a little better each time. Sprinkled through out these years was an occasional Art or Design classes.  In 1995 I had completed my first Watercolor.  Progress was slow and frustrating as it took 6 months to complete a painting. In 2003 I moved over to Acrylics and things took off. Like most artiste my first paintings were not that great but friends I gifted thought they were wonderful. Their encouragement spirited me on. The next happening that challenged my ability was a local historical preservation society fundraising project. Doors Unhinged. Full size doors – painted by local artists – Auction! The event was a success, my door was a hit. I went on to secure the highest bid for the consecutive 2 years. 
My mentors: Carol Marine, Maris Platais, Lori Simons, Cynthia Ehrlich, Mary Long and photographer Joe Englander.   
Love of nature and curiosity have influenced the expression of my art. The act of painting is like a friendship. There is an exchange between the canvas, materials, ideas and plans. You don’t always have it your way, sometimes the painting tells you what to do. My work covers a broad range of subjects. Im crazy about [...]

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