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Linda Burr was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  She relocated to Los Angeles, California in 1964 where she finished college and, in 1971, she started her career in business.  She graduated from law school in 1977.  In 1991, Linda retired from the corporate world to open her own law practice.   through her charitable work she was recruited to manage complex and planned giving for a large, international non-profit until she retired permanently in 2010.  In 2015 she and her husband relocated to Tucson, Arizona where she plays golf and has reignited her passion for painting and drawing.
Linda was an avid and successful swimmer and diver while she lived in Canada.   Her love of sports is reflected in some of her paintings.  Her commissioned art includes pet and swimmer portraits as well as client specific collaborations.  These collaborations are her favorite way to create art because the end result is a client specific piece of art that is exactly what the client wants.  The clients find this more satisfying than accepting a piece of art that may only be a part of what they are looking for.  Linda and the client collaborate based on the subject matter, the color, the size and the medium.
Linda continues to add to her portfolio and enter local art shows to introduce her art to the community.  She works in several different media, including oils, acrylic, water colors and colored pencil.  

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