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A Mississippi native, Lin Crowley has had a love of art since childhood when she often included drawings with her school book reports. As a child, she spent many fun-filled days on her grandparents' farm "helping" feed the baby chicks, playing in the picked cotton, and exploring the fields and woods with her five siblings. These experiences gave her a fascinating love of nature. Lin draws on those memories and the many stories that her parents and grandfather told her from their own childhood. Lin combines her travels with her love of nature in choosing just the right subject for a painting. Travels with her (now retired) career military husband include time spent in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Korea and the many beautiful places in the US.  Each of these locations in their own way has had an influence on her art. Lin chooses watercolor as her favorite medium. She also renders her artwork in other mediums such as pastel, acrylics, charcoal and pen & ink. Among Lin Crowley's favorite subjects are florals, landscapes and old buildings.  Her award winning work appears on public displays as well as in private collections.
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