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Everything is always in motion.


My artistic journey started 20 years ago inspired by the ever changing light on the landscape amid the Steinbeck immortalized hills where I live.  Plein air painting is my chosen method  therefore calling me to create paintings outdoors! Oil paint and an array of palette knives is my way of conveying what I see. After rendering my vision  in bold shapes and color, I deconstruct the painting adding texture and angst. There is something exhilarating about spending 3 hours of your day to capturing all of that energy and beauty.  #YouHadToBeThere.
A passion ignited by a passion leads the path to success.  Since I am an avid equestrian, I like to begin my day with a ride on my horse Diamante which balances the artistic flow.  Art and horses will always intertwine in my life. It is all about that movement, which I interpret in my dressage and paintings. My best work comes from that powerful engagement and risk always plays a part. My work is impressionistic bordering in abstraction.  
I am happy to share that I am a member of the prestigious Carmel Art Association. The art organization is one of the oldest in the US and represents only the very best of the region. California legendary artists' Armin Hanson and William Ritschel were early CAA members and also considered colorists that I find inspiring!
Originally, I am from South Africa but have called the Monterey Peninsula home for 30 years and counting. The incredible beauty of the region, I plan to capture within the surface of each painting for years to come.       My Gallery is located in The Barnyard, Suite F22, Carmel CA. 831-596-3950                                         [...]

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