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I have been painting all my life, as long as I remember myself. For a very long time I thought it is a hobby. Only recently I realized that I don’t just want to paint - I need to paint. It became my life’s necessity. I have started taking workshops, practice, educate myself on different techniques and styles as well as study composition and color. When I paint I am happy, even if I am having a bad day or the process of the painting is hard and frustrating.
I have always had strong connection to nature. I was born in Uzhhorod, Ukraine in 1983. When I was a small child my grandparents took me hiking in the woods of Carpathian mountain every weekend, we visited Poland, Hungary, Slovakia on holidays. I remember being fascinated by the change of the colors of the forrest as seasons go by, by the architecture in cities I visited with my family. I was fortunate to live my life in three different countries. We moved to Israel in 1996, and after an alternative two years' army service, I have decided to pursue nursing career. In 2007, I graduated from Haifa University and Technion Institute of Technology with BSN degree.  I had a very busy work schedule in Israel, moved through many adult and pediatric departments to polish nursing skills. After a couple of years I landed in Alyn Rehabilitation Hospital, in Jerusalem and my life as a nurse has changed forever. I felt it was a fortune and a calling. I met amazing people who cared daily for teens and children with disabilities. Everyday I saw children pursuing their tiny little goals on their road to success and discharge, and I was  happy to be part of the process. I continued painting while [...]

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