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Artist, Master Photographer, Master Craftsman, CPP (Certified Professional Photographer), Painter and Owner of Lia Portrait Design
Lia has been involved in the fine arts and inspired to "Create" since she was a child. She officially educated herself via 5 colleges over an 11 year period, achieving 4 recognized degrees. She has traveled extensively worldwide, Single parented and raised her son, who is now grown and on his own. She has built her own business for over 30 years, first in Orange County and now in both Orange and Fresno Counties. She is passionate about creating meaningful, story-telling photographic portraits for her clients. She is able to illustrate special places, peoples and feelings in her custom created portraits. Her finished, custom created portraits become wall portrait art to decorate her clients homes and sometimes offices. She cares deeply for the client and their personal story and feelings. All involved always enjoy the entire creative process, as the "Feelings Always Show."
Lia has an enjoyable way, "Easy Peasy" with how she creates, making and taking care that the entire process is fun and that the resulting fine works of personal portrait art are worthy of large bragging rights! These personal works of art will be Family Heirlooms as time rolls along. They will become "Priceless!"

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