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Lezly Straub started drawing at a very young age. By elementary school she was drawing very realistically. It became very important for her drawings to appear lifelike which lead to her discovery of values and their importance. A few perspective lessons from her father set her on the way to becoming a student of realism. The more she drew the more she needed to draw and the desire to express her subjects in color was birthed.
This lead to reading and researching which color medium had the look of light she loved and watercolor was the chosen one to pursue. She continued self-educating by pouring over art history and art instruction books, visiting museums, studying privately with professional artists, taking workshops and learning from video instruction. Her observation and curiosity feeds her desire to always be learning.
Lezly is aware of the beauty in the ordinary things when they are extra ordinarily illuminated. There are jaw dropping vistas in creation that are attractive to everyone and we all travel to marvel at them. Then there are the small smile evoking beauties that exist all around us. These little gems are the ones she delights in capturing and interpreting for others to behold.
Impressionism and Realism are easily understood, there is no barrier to understanding their message. They allow unrestricted access to the beauty the artist captured and that in turn can touch the heart of the viewer and refresh precious memories. This is the bridge she has with her collector’s and admirers.
Lezly’s passion for painting subjects in nature led her outside into the sunlight to paint en plein aire. In this setting she can capitalizing on the contrast of light and shadow while show casing the colors that occur in creation. Plein air painting is a great challenge on many levels and a very [...]

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