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  • FASO Artist Website: http://LewallenMatthews.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • 3 years university level art instruction from Diann Haist founding member of Impressionist Society

  • Full time artist

  • Plein Air paint in both Alaska and Arizona

  • Price Range: $65.00 - $900.00

The Artist Says:

I am fascinated by the science of "seeing" and light spectrum while brushing paint on my canvas.  I am always wondering how I can capture the complexity, color variety, and story that I am seeing.  When it all comes together,  I experience what I imagine others feel when they write poetry, a novel,  or compose a great musical score.  What fun!


Being born and raised in Montana followed by raising a family in Alaska has inspired me to paint both landscapes and portraits.  My dream  is to combine engaging figures telling a life story in spectacular landscape settings. I hope you join me!
 Although I have been drawing and painting since I was a child, it is through the oil painting  instruction of Diann Haist in Anchorage, Alaska that I have come to know art as a profession.  In Diann Haist Studio I completed a full one year college level classical art course followed by 2 more years of application.  Since then I have been studying  with Matt Smith where I have seen immense improvement in my understanding of design.If you search online, there are many Carol Matthews; there are even some who are artists. Therefore, I choose to paint under my maiden name Lewallen in order that you can find my work more readily.Painting brings me such joy.  I hope my paintings bring joy and wonderment to you as well. LEWALLEN
Carol Lewallen Matthews907-244-5277

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