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"Folklore: definition:  traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth.mythology, lore, oral history, tradition, folk tradition; a body of popular myth and beliefs relating to a particular place, activity, or group of people."

Artist's Statement:
     " I have always wondered about the lives of the creatures who share this planet with us. They must have their own stories.  Contrary to modern thought, the animals have souls, senses similar to our own. They instinctively know how to nurture their young and protect others in their herd or flock.  I have been blessed with having sheep, goats, horses and dogs and cats in my life.  I often wondered what their stories were, what they really thought of us human beings. I have seen heroic and tender, empathetic behavior.  A Guinea Hen the last to go into the hen house at dusk, sitting on top of the roof protecting his flock of chickens.  Calling to me to come and lock the chicken door for the night.  The same Guinea, Quasar, mourning for his wife Xena, for weeks on end, until he found friendship with an old Black Australop rooster.   A small pearl white rescue mare, living among newborn goats and lambs, eating at the same feeder and never a damaged tender leg. The mare would lift her hoof into a point and slowly drag it across the ground before she would set it down, making sure the tiny kid and lamb legs were safe from harm.  The same mare expectant of an ewe's birth, guarding the barn, waiting for the arrival of twins.  Who are these creatures we live amidst, surely not just souless animals. There is a spark in them, you can see if clearly if you would only look. 
     The animals cannot speak their own stories, [...]

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