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I enjoy life and search for beauty and meaning, which I try to share in my work. I am a contemporary realist painter who focuses on landscapes, portraits and figures.
Drawn to the wildest parts of the country, as well as local back roads and parks, I feel most truly myself when my nerdy side -- a deep reverence for nature, science, and history -- combines with the aesthetic challenges of art making. I am passionate about preserving what remains of our once vast wilderness areas, as well as nature in my own backyard. (Over the years, I reintroduced hundreds of species of native plants on both coasts.)
America's remaining wild places call to me, and I cherish the gifts I receive from their untamed vastness. In plein air and studio landscapes, I try to bring a little wildness and solitude back home with me. I revel in ever-changing light effects and the impossible beauty I find wherever I look, feeling endlessly humbled and challenged. 
As a student of human nature, I am always drawn to portraiture and illuminating life today. Back in town, I return to people and communities, celebrating the unique character of my subjects and the grace and strength of the body. "Distant Neighbors" is a series that casts a light on rural and industrial settings close to home in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
In the field and in my studio, I love the adventure and physicality of painting, the unabashed sensuousness of the art form, and the freedom to explore abstraction, realism, and anything in between. Oil painting is a beautifully expressive medium that allows a rich variety of visual effects, only limited by my imagination and the constraints of two dimensions. 
Each painting begins with a foundation of studied draftsmanship using high quality materials and traditional, time-tested techniques. I create long lasting artworks using the latest [...]

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