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A full-time studio artist since 1993 My artwork has gone through several evolutions, from etching metal plates to printing imagery on aluminum panels. I arrived at photography from a practice of printmaking, where I combined hand-pulled botanical etchings with paint and collage into windows for the soul. Over time my work evolved into painting swirling fields of colored vortexes expressing the concept of interconnectedness.
During this evolution, photography found me by presenting me with some unusual refraction events that I was compelled to document with my camera. Mesmerized by those first images, I began chasing after light with the intent to turn the forms and gradients of color into paintings. But the photographs soon became complete works of art in their own right, expressing my thoughts about the intersection of art, physics, and consciousness more eloquently than I was with a brush. 
My father shared with me his love for photography, giving me my first 35mm camera for my 16th birthday, along with some community school photography classes. I was on the high school yearbook staff, and there was a shortage of cameras, so I carried my camera around school, taking photos for the yearbook.
When it came time to chose a profession, I decided to pursue a degree in architectural design. I realize now this was a desire to construct a different lifestyle from the small town agricultural community I was born into.  I graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Architecture and minor in Art History. This turned out to be a wonderfully rigorous polymath style training ground for an artist's studio practice.  I worked as an architectural intern for six years before abandoning architecture for something more creative and have never looked back.  
Having grown up in an atheist, agnostic household, my mother gave me the gift [...]

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