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  • Price Range: $75.00 - $3,400.00
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My approach to painting is to use simple but interesting shapes, as well as true to life color relationships, to convey the essence of  the subject.  I prefer to paint on location, where the entire experience of the scene can inform my work.  Painting en plein air is full of challenges, such as fast-changing light and weather conditions, which require a hundred decisions in the space of a few hours.  I believe that these challenges actually elevate my  work.  They force me to grasp the single most compelling aspect of the scene, which then becomes the heart of the painting.
I sometimes say that painting on location is like racing in the Kentucky Derby, and painting in the studio to going on a leisurely trail ride.  Although they are vastly different, each has its place.  For example, a painter on location is usually limited to a smaller canvas.  To achieve a larger scale, I often paint a small study on location, which I bring home to my studio as a springboard for further work.  Supplementing the field studies with reference notes, sketches, visual memories, and photos taken on location, I can create larger works that retain the energy and immediacy of the field work.
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