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To not use your divinely inspired Gift is an insult to the Creator

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Leonora Captures a unique quality of the human spirit.
Robert E Luedke


Like many talented artists, Leonora developed a love for art at a young age.  Some of her earliest memories are from kindergarten, when she was allowed to paint on "the big easel."  That "big easel" still holds a special place in her heart today.Prior to becoming a professional oil painter, Leonora expressed her talent by becoming a makeup artist in New York City.  She had many famous clients such as Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, Danny Devito, Stockard Channing and Louis Gossett, Jr.  Her greatest joy, however, came from the reward she got from using her makeup artistry skills to transform the lives of women who had severe disfigurements to the face and body.  Her makeup skills were spotlighted on several media venues such as The Regis Philbin Show and The Staten Island Express News.Today, Leonora enjoys painting a wide variety of subjects, but her favorite subject is that of the person, especially women and children.  She enjoys meeting with all of her clients prior to starting a painting so she can capture the true essence of their spirit, often focusing on their eyes because "they are the window to the soul."  Her portraits have been a gift of comfort to those who have requested a posthumous painting of a loved one, and they have always been an honor for her to paint.She has been fortunate enough to paint with some well-known artists such as William Kalwick, Kathy Anderson, Ronald E. Watkins, Kathryn Stats, Kaye Franklin, Gary Kim, Douglas Flynt, Daniel Grant and Tony Pro, but for the most part she is self-taught.  Her work has been accepted into several prestigious art shows, including The Salon International at The Greenhouse Gallery 2011 and Oil Painters of America Salon Show 2013.  Leonora has also been accepted into the Oil Painters of America, Boerne [...]

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