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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.backstretchstudio.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $62.50 - $12,000.00
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In spite of his thirty-year abandonment, Len Jagoda's return to the world of art was dramatic with works that reflect his in-depth knowledge of his subjects stemming from his life’s experiences.
Len’s talent earned him a scholarship to the Cleveland Institute of Art; however, Uncle Sam had a different “scholarship” program that preempted his art studies. Following his military career, he returned to school on the GI Bill, but majored in Business instead of Art. Although he spent the next thirty years in the business world, he continued to be deeply involved with animals. He bred and trained horses, rode hunter jumpers and although he even had a couple on the track, he proclaims that delivering foals is the most thrilling equine event. His passion and compassion for dogs continued as well. Over time, he and his wife have adopted or rescued 39 dogs, four cats, a goat and a llama. Len believes that St. Francis of Assisi has a duty station around their farm where he guides lost, sick or homeless animals to them.
His familiarity with animals comes through in his art. His portraits are more than a fantastic likeness; he has the ability to capture expressions that reflect the subjects’ character and personality. His comprehension of anatomy shows in his sculptures suggesting how he transitioned his return to art. When Len rededicated himself to art, he chose to concentrate on fundamentals by limiting his art to sculpture and drawing for his first year back. This self-imposed limitation forced a dedication to the basics of form and values. He refused to work in color until he was satisfied with his works completed during this period; first adding pastels and more recently oils. His discipline was well rewarded. His first completed sculpture cast in bronze (Tribute – Labrador Retriever Portrait in Bronze) was recognized in [...]

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