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  Lily was born in Iran, she is fluent in Farsi and English, she finished her education in Bachelor of Arts, and she has a collection of portraits she depicted, while studied master in real and impressionism art at university she found her desire in faith and devotion which guided her to become a preacher at underground Christian church in Iran.
Turning to Christianity is under pressure by the Islamic Regime of Iran and punishable by the death penalty; soon later, she had no choice but to leave the country due to her beliefs and immigrated to Canada in 2012. 
Since her arrival in Canada, she started working in fine arts and design as a consultant,
currently Lily teaches art to all ages and tries to pass what she learned from master class artists to her students.
Her methods in realistic impressionism and realism made her known for her artworks.
Joint exhibition at Tehran, Iran in 1996 
Joint exhibition at Tehran, Iran in 1998 
Joint exhibition at New York, U.S.A in 1999 
Solo exhibition in London, the UK in 2012
Solo exhibition at Istanbul, Turkey in 2012


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