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Art was a major influence in Leigh's life starting in early childhood. Her Mother provided rolls of newsprint and lots of crayons and paint. Her brother painted ships while she painted horses. At the age of eight Leigh started Chinese Brush Painting classes. In high school she sketched animals during every class, including her math classes. One day her English teacher collected everyone's "notes" at the end of class. With apprehension, Leigh waited for the return of her drawing. To her suprise, her paper was returned with an A+ and a comment at the top to "keep up the good work". She is grateful to that teacher who had the insight to give her encouragement to pursue her love of art.

In college, Leigh decided to become a nurse but never lost her love of art and creativity. She worked as an emergency nurse and paramedic for over thirty years. Her career took her from hospital Emergency Departments to working in fire departments and Emergency Medical Services. For the last fifteen years of her medical career she worked as a flight nurse on medical "lifeflight" helicopters. She continued to paint when she could, and found her love of animals and her painting of them to be a good way to relax after a stressful shift at work.

Circumstances kept Leigh from going to formal art school but it did not stop her from pursuing her love of art. Although she has never regretted her work in the medical field, and cherishes her commitment to care for people and their health, she has chosen to change careers late in life. She now paints and studies art almost daily and attends workshops when she can. Leigh gives thanks to the many artists and instructors who have given her ideas and feedback as she has created [...]

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