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Although I’ve always been drawn to all things artistic, I didn’t set out to become an artist. The theatre was my true love, so I got my BFA in scenery and costume design and spent my younger years working in regional theatres up and down the west coast (and yes, I also acted in a number of shows – everybody asks). Of course, anyone familiar with the stage knows three simple truths: usually, the pay isn’t great; almost always, the hours are even worse; and, even if you’re lucky enough to be with one of the better repertory companies, you’re typically job-hunting in the off-season. It’s a vagabond’s life, which I adored until I didn’t.
And so I embarked on a second career, as a buyer for a small chain of women’s clothing stores in the Pacific Northwest: four trips to N.Y. a year, plus another six or eight to L.A.; presenting fashion shows and wardrobing workshops; creating in-store displays and advertising campaigns; I even designed and oversaw a complete remodel of the flagship store. I was grateful to be using many of the skills I developed in theatre, and as my husband now says, “You shopped for a living… isn’t that the dream?”
My husband, by the way, is the brilliant painter Bruce Marion – I met him here in Arizona in 2001, shortly after a tangled divorce inspired me to relocate to a warmer climate (in more ways than one- haha!). Kidding aside, my mother and sister lived here, so it seemed like a good place for my three-year-old daughter and me to start over. As it turned out, Bruce was starting over, too, having moved to the desert as his first marriage was ending. How we met could be the plot of a rom-com, but it’s all true.
Was it fate? [...]

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