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The first drawing Leesa ever did was of a horse eating a flower at the age of three.
Pencils and paint bushes were to become such a part of her childhood and all the way through adolescence, always earning  A+++ from teachers and winning any competition entered.She learned watercolour painting from the renown South Australian artist Ruth Tuck from 8 to 12 years of age, and even tried her hand at ceramic painting and pottery.
By year 10, as with all teenagers, Leesa’s mind turned towards career. Having been in the top 3 of the top math group, architecture was looming as the career of choice, but following a disastrous year with her maths 1 & 2 teacher, career guidance councillors cut back the career options to ‘Art Teacher, Graphic Artist, Full time Artist and Fashion Designer ’ and the one that appealed the most for growth options was Fashion Design, and so at the age of 16, after being accepted into fashion college, Leesa’s work life began. 
Despite thinking the job would involve drawing pretty pictures of dresses every day, Leesa soon discovered it was a far more complicated process of taking a two dimensional concept and turning it into a three dimensional reality, architecture for the body if you will. Her skills now evolved to cover not just the drawing and inspirational side  of design but the practical aspects of bringing a garment to life. The actual drawing side of this process became quite a small element and before her 18th birthday, she was taking these newly acquired skills and was working with clients to bring their imagined outfits into reality. 
After receiving a  grant to start a new business, by the time she left college, her career was already underway. The side effect of this was the reality that there was no [...]

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